Hottest Scot of 2009

The Daily Record just announced Gerry is the hottest Scot of 2009
MEN: Gerard Butler
Last Year (31)

A MASSIVE jump for the 40-year-old Paisley star but then Gerry, as he's known to his pals, has had some year.

Not only has he had hits with blockbusters Law Abiding Citizen and The Ugly Truth, he's also been linked with Hollywood beauty Jennifer Aniston.

Gerard started his career in Mrs Brown more than 10 years ago but it seemed with duds like The Phantom Of The Opera and beefcake roles that Gerard was going to be a jobbing actor. That was until 2006's epic 300, when Tinseltown woke up to his talent. He's since balanced rom-coms with action films.


This year Gerard was voted the best British actor in Hollywood and International Star of the Year by Variety magazine . However, he hasn't forgotten his roots and chose Glasgow for the UK premiere of Law Abiding Citizen.



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