Motor City

Gerard Butler is in negotiations with Warner Bros. and Dark Castle to star in a new movie "Motor City". He would star alongside Amber Heard and Gary Oldman (the principal villain).

Olympus Has Fallen

Gerard Butler is attached to star in a White House-set action film called Olympus Has Fallen. The story is described as Die Hard in the White House and centers on a “down-on-his-luck ex-Secret Service agent who becomes America’s only hope when 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is taken over by terrorists.” Butler and his manager Alan Siegel will produce with Millennium prexy Mark Gill, while Avi Lerner will exec produce with Trevor Short. Production is skedded to start in September 2012.

Back on track

Gerard Butler suits up to celebrate the Weinstein Company and Chopard during a Pre-Oscars party held at the exclusive Soho House on Saturday (February 25) in West Hollywood. At the party, Gerard mingled with a few pals including fashion expert Rachel Zalis. Before attending the bash on Saturday, Scottish actor Gerard was spotted jogging along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood with his personal trainer, smiling and waving at fans. He also enjoyed a solo lunch in Malibu, where he was spotted with only a book for company.


According to Variety, Gerard Butler has replaced Eric Bana in the diamond-heist thriller Brilliant. The movie follows a group of seasoned thieves who recruit a small-time crook as they prepare for the biggest diamond heist in history. Variety also notes that the studio is still searching for a female lead before the project begins production in May 2012 in Boston.


Gerard Butler had checked into the Betty Ford Center in February 2012. Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment after he became dependent on prescription drugs to manage pain from injuries sustained while filming “300” and exacerbated by a surfing accident. While filming “Of Men and Mavericks” in December 2011, Butler had “a pretty close call” while surfing. The actor was pulled underwater by some waves and was later hospitalized.

Hunter Killer

Rumor has it that Gerard Butler will take the leading role in a new movie, currently called "Hunter Killer". The film is expected to be directed by Antoine Fuqua. The Relativity Media film is supposedly in the planning stages. It is a “big-budget military thriller about an American submarine captain’s attempt to rescue the Russian president.”

Back in LA

The "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star made a claim on January 25th that she bedded Gerard Butler. Gerry recalled no such name has ever crossed his memory. Brandi Glanville, the ex-wife of actor Eddie Cibrian, said she had a week of fling during the summer with Butler. "It wasn't a one-nighter. It was just like, a little week of fun," she told "Watch What Happens Live". The mother of two even remembered fondly Butler's performance on lovemaking, rating him 11 out of 10. Later this week he was seen at a gas station (January 26), flashing a peace sign at photographers on his way inside, and leaving Koi restaurant after having dinner on Friday (January 27).

Golden Globe Awards

Gerard Butler attended the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 15th. He said his close friend Gervais was intent this year on making light of the Hollywood ceremony without attacking any of the stars in attendance like he did at the 2011 Golden Globes: "It seemed like one of his priorities this year was finding the right balance of keeping the huge audience entertained but not totally offending people at the same time." Later he attended the Weinstein Company's 2012 Golden Globe Awards After Party, where he showed footage on his cellphone of his harrowing recent surfing accident to the guests.

About the Surfing Accident

Gerard Butler reveals that his surfing accident on Dec. 18 was a "close call". Butler said: "This was maybe one of the few times that the reports were not exaggerated. It was a pretty close call. ... [The waves] just took me and I couldn't get up. It was pretty hairy. In the movie, I put in a scene about a 'two wave hold down,' when you are down for so long that the next wave comes over before you get back up, and that's what happened to me," he said. "They finally grabbed me just as another huge wave was coming in. It was just like a movie! In fact, everything I talked about happening in the movie happened to me."

Christmas in Scotland

Gerard Butler was spotted arriving in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday (December 24). He took some time off from his new movie "Of Men and Mavericks" to make the trip, putting family before career. When he went home to Scotland for Christmas, he managed to get out of washing any dishes. "There were a couple of times when I saw people in the kitchen and I thought I could be doing a little bit more. ‘Do you know what I’ve just been through? You’re lucky I’m here. And you’re going to ask me - it’s washing up! It’s water! I can’t even see the water, any kind of foam - it’s too much, what if I fall in?’" He flew to London after his New Year holiday in Scotland to attend a special screening of his new movie Coriolanus on January 5th. Gerard Butler was seen at The Box nightclub on Friday (January 6) in London, England.

Surfing Accident

Gerard Butler was taken to a hospital after a surfing mishap at Mavericks in Northern California while taking part in filming for an upcoming movie, CBS San Francisco reports on December 18th. Mavericks is notorious for its big waves, and it serves as a popular destination for some of the world's most accomplished surfers. Butler was trapped underwater, with waves as high as 15 feet crashing down on him. Gerard was brought to Stanford Medical Center and later released after medical examination. "Butler was held down for a solid two-waves and took four or five more waves on the head," local surfer Frank Quirarte was quoted in The Mirror as saying. "He was then washed through the rocks on the inside before he was finally able to be plucked out," Quirarte continued in the article. "Even on small days the inside at Maverick’s can push 10ft plus and really tear you up. When they brought Butler in he had that 100-yard stare that surfers get after a two-wave hold [down] or near death experience. After almost 20 years at Mavericks I’ve seen a lot of it, but at least he was standing on his own two legs. He was then carted away in a waiting ambulance."


In the midst of a leisurely holiday weekend, Gerard Butler was spotted enjoying himself in West Hollywood, CA on Saturday afternoon (November 26). He joined a few friends for lunch at a patio table outside Fred Segal's Mauro Cafe.

A New Movie

Gerard Butler will star in a Ridley Scott directed film about ex-British Army officer Simon Mann, who in 2004 tried to overthrow the president of Equatorial Guinea with a group of mercenaries. Mann was arrested in Zimbabwe, spent five years in prison there, and then taken to Guinea, where he was sentenced to 34 more years, until a presidential pardon set him free. Butler has switched gears from romcoms to action films over the past few years, and this next flick aligns itself with that continued trend.

Supporting Kids Ward in Scotland

Gerard Butler got angry after hearing chiefs at the NHS (National HealthService) Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board are threatening to axe the kids' ward at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, near Glasgow. He said: "I keep in touch with what's going on at home through my mother. This proposed closure is shocking and I'm happy to lend what support I can. Various members of my family have reasons to be thankful for ward 15. For the ward to close, and for the RAH to lose the skills and jobs that would go along with it, is a blow Paisley can do without. I am happy to support this campaign in its efforts in whatever way possible." The health board said: "There will be full public consultation before any final decision is reached and, ultimately, ministerial approval."

Thunder Run

Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington and Matthew McConaughey are teaming up for Thunder Run, an all-CG 3D action thriller being made by Freedom Films. Simon West is set to direct, according to Freedom Films, while Hyde Park International is handling international sales and launching the title at AFM. The movie is adapting the novel Thunder Run - The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad, by Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent David Zucchino. Robert Port, who won an Oscar in 2003 for best short documentary, and Ken Nolan, who co-wrote Black Hawk Down, penned the script. The project aims to recount the capture of Baghdad by American forces at the start of the Iraq War in 2003. The three-day assault was referred as a "lightning strike" or "thunder run." The producers want to paint "the harrowing picture of the soldiers on the front lines and the realities of modern warfare." Producing are Freedom Films’ Brian Presley, along with the company’s Carissa Buffel and Kevin Matusow as well as Jib Polhemus of the Graphic Film Company. The trio's work will consist mostly of voicework but there will be green-screen aspects as well. "What we capture in our cameras will be them," Presley told The Hollywood Reporter. "It’ll have a stylized effect to it but we are shooting them. We’re not ageing them down like Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy, it’ll be them for two hours in a highly intense tank battle.

A Little Too Old!?

Twilight star Ashley Greene says fame is a "double-edged sword." She knows from her rise to fame through the films. And that rise included dating Joe Jonas and Gerard Butler and coping with nude photos of her that leaked online. On dating Gerard Butler, 41 (the two were linked in June): "He's extremely attractive, but I think he's a little too old for me," says Greene, 24, adding, "Don't print that I called Gerard Butler old, I feel bad." On her mother's reaction to dating an older man: She was like, 'Get yo' a$$ home!'"

Of Men and Mavericks

Fox 2000 has come aboard to co-finance and distribute "Of Men and Mavericks", a Gerard Butler drama based on a chapter in the life of accomplished surfer Jay Moriarity, who died in a tragic diving accident at the age of 22. In addition, Elisabeth Shue and Abigail Spencer have signed on to co-star. Moriarity earned a reputation as a fearless big-wave surfer at the age of 16, when his wipeout at Mavericks, a surf spot in Half Moon Bay, California, made the cover of "Surfer" magazine. He drowned in June 2001, one day before his 23rd birthday, while diving off the Lohifushi Island resort in the Maldives, where he was visiting for a photo shoot with O'Neill, a prominent surfing brand. Butler is attached to star in the film as Frosty Hesson, a local surfer who mentored Moriarity (played here by relative newcomer Jonny Weston) as a teenager, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story. Shue will star as Moriarity's mother, while Spencer will play Hesson's wife. Curtis Hanson ("L.A. Confidential") is directing from a script by Kario Salem and Brandon Hooper. The film began production on October 11th, when Gerard Butler was seen shirtless on the set of the movie in Los Angeles. On October 14th, hundreds of people lined the beach and hundreds of surfers took orders from directors at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. The call was for extras to arrive at 6:30 a.m. By 10:30 the big scene hadn't yet been filmed, but hundreds of surfers were in the water and others lined up to get in. The scene is recreating a Paddle-out that paid tribute to the maverick surfer after his death. Gerry and his co-star Leven Rambin, 21, shot in Santa Cruz, California on October 15th. It looked like they were getting on well. He seemed to be loving the attention from locals as he enjoyed the location shoot, even taking the time to give them a cheery wave as he made his way out to the sea.

L.A. Confidential Magazine Cover

Gerard Butler graces cover page of Los Angeles Confidential magazine’s October 2011 issue. 41-year-old actor Gerard is looking handsome on cover with his naughty grin while wearing a stylish suit. On choosing Machine Gun Preacher as his latest project: “I think what made me want to walk around in his shoes was just the man himself. What he’s achieved is so mind-blowing, so unbelievable – this person who just kind of takes on the world, decides to go into Sudan and build an orphanage in the middle of the civil war. He’s definitely not a Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, squeaky-clean hero, so it just felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” On taking nothing for granted…but never being used to being a celeb: “It’s almost like being successful makes certain people feel like they have the right to be completely invasive and aggressive in your life. That’s what really bothers me. I can’t often go to Starbucks without literally having five different cameras pointing at me. You smile and wave, but really you think, I don’t even want to do this anymore. I just want to go... At the end of the day, I love making movies.” On whether he ever considers quitting acting: “Sometimes I do think, You know what? I could see myself doing something else in a few years. Although I said that to somebody else just recently and they said, ‘How many retired actors do you know? How many guys do you know who actually went off to do something else?’ I went, ‘Maybe you’re right.’ But I do feel sometimes it’d be really great to disappear. Now, I might go and do that for a year and then think, Sh-t, I need to come back! Because that’s the thing: At the end of the day, I love making movies.”

In London

Gerard Butler and Kate Moss were spotted at the Groucho Club. on September 27. The British supermodel looked a bit preoccupied with lighting a cigarette as she hopped into a chauffeured car upon making her exit from the SoHo hotspot. Meanwhile, Gerard opted to set out on foot, giving the paparazzi a quick hello before heading off into the night. Gerard Butler attended the UK premiere of his movie, Machine Gun Preacher, at BAFTA on Wednesday (September 28) in London, England. He went to the Cirque Du Soir nightclub on Saturday (October 1) in London, England with a mystery gal.

New Girlfriend

Gerard Butler is dating model Sarah Carroll. The handsome actor hooked up with the beauty at the Los Angeles premiere of his new film 'Machine Gun Preacher' last week and sources claim they were smitten as soon as they laid eyes on each other. Sarah is not keeping quiet about the romance, tweeting the day after: "Um. Gerard Butler just hugged me. Called me a good friend. AND invited me to the Chateau. Die twice". Carroll is most famous for a Virgin Mobile advert in which she appears as part of celebrity couple Sparah, along with Spencer Falls.

Shot Twice

Actor Gerard Butler shocked reporters admitting he was shot twice in the head while filming the newly released film "Machine Gun Preacher" on location in South Africa. Butler, at the premiere of the new movie this weekend, described the incident as a "bloody dilemma". Butler, 41, says he did his own stunts. One day, while filming, the actor’s head was hit twice in quick succession by shells. "A shell hit me, slit my head, it was pouring with blood," Gerard told The Daily Star. "About 20 minutes later, we went again and another shell hit me. Within half an inch of the first one. It was a shell, but it sounds better to get shot," he said. Reports say both shells were shot from co-star Souleymane Sy Savane's gun. Butler also said he ripped a tendon in his leg while filming the same scene and has scars down his back from other injuries. "I couldn't walk for two weeks once. I have so many tendons that I have hurt," he said. Film crews witnessing the incidents during the scene say "it was pretty intense". Butler, now healed, says he felt as though his chances of dying on the set "were slim". "Listen, you do a movie like this and you get into a few accidents," Gerard told reporters.

Smoking again

Gerard Butler started smoking again after a night out with Hollywood pal Russell Crowe. The Scottish actor managed to quite the cigs for four years after more than 40 attempts to quit. But he confessed that he was drawn back to smoking after partying with the Gladiator star in the summer. "I was smoking then I stopped for four years," he said. "It took me 40 attempts to stop. I was hypnotized 23 times, I had my veins injected with sodium pentathol had my ears electrolyzed and my hands lasered. About three months ago, I was out with some friends - Russell Crowe was one of them. There was 12 of them and 11 of them were smoking. That was it, I was off.

Machine Gun Preacher Premiere

Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan attended the “Machine Gun Preacher” Los Angeles premiere at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Wednesday (September 21) in Beverly Hills. Gerard Butler said he was "blown away" working with Michelle Monaghan. He was impressed by his co-star's beauty and down-to-earth attitude. He said: "Michelle is incredibly cool and incredibly fun. She is one of those girls who is as comfortable with the electricians, the key grip, the cameraman, anybody in the crew, catering as she is with her makeup crew or me or the director. "We all get the same treatment, and fun and smart and self deprecating and then surprisingly irreverent. So, I was really blown away to get a girl who has that beauty and yet has so much more to give in terms of personality."
The previous night he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno filmed at NBC Studios on Tuesday (September 20) in Burbank, Calif. to promote his new movie. After his interview with Jay, the next guest Whitney Cummings came out and joked she got pregnant just sitting near Gerry!

In New York

Making time to check out the upcoming fashion trends, Gerard Butler and Peter Nemcova were spotted backstage at the Diesel Black Gold Spring 2012 fashion show on Tuesday (September 13). On Wednesday (September 14), Gerard Butler hooked up with Australian model Nicole Trunfio in New York on Wednesday. He was spotted kissing the beauty in a corner booth - who has modelled for Chanel and Dior - at the V magazine fashion party in the city in front of onlookers including Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. They were seen leaving the party together, but in separate cars. He was spotted arriving at Sirius XM Satellite Radio in New York City on Thursday morning (September 15).

New Body

There’s been plenty of speculation about Butler’s drastic weight loss, but the actor recently explained his shrinking figure. "I ate my last meal in October, and I run about 40 miles a day," he told Us Weekly Tuesday at the Diesel show in NYC. "I'm joking! It's just doing a lot of cardio and extremely watching what I eat. I stopped lifting big weights and I'm doing yoga. I'm prepping for a surf movie. I'm surfing every day for 'Mavericks,'" says Butler.

Death Threats

Scottish actor Gerard Butler increased his security team at the ongoing Toronto Film Festival after receiving death threats due to strong religious theme in his upcoming film. The death threats were revealed at an interview at the festival but the star refused to reveal details. Butler was forced to hire more bodyguards when he took to the red carpet at the Canadian festival after reportedly receiving threatening messages. "It is quite a controversial subject and some people are upset by the strong religious theme. We are treating this matter seriously".

Toronto International Film Festival

Gerard Butler was spotted arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada on Thursday (September 8). He was in town to premiere his film Machine Gun Preacher at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. On September 9th, he attended the Artists For Peace And Justice cocktail event Painting The Night Red. Artists for Peace and Justice is a non-profit organization supporting communities in Haiti through programs in education, health and dignity. He was dressed in Dolce&Gabbana, and was joined at the event by Jason Reitman, director Paul Haggis, and APJ board member David Belle. On September 10th, Gerard Butler hit the red carpet at the Creative Coalition’s 2011 Spotlight Initiative Awards held at the Roosevelt Room during the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. He was joined on the carpet by his Machine Gun Preacher co-star Michelle Monaghan, who was honored with an award during the evening. That evening, Gerard also checked out the premiere of the film Rampart during the festival. Gerard recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times and teared up while discussing the film. "This happened to me a lot when we were filming. I would just be overcome. I feel every emotion. I haven’t talked much about this movie in a while, and I did the other day, and I just started crying. I cried for about five minutes," he explained. "I think it was a great responsibility for Gerry to play the role of a guy who is alive, a guy who is as dynamic as Sam with a story that’s so incredible,” Jason told the LAT. “During the sessions, and even when we were filming, I saw him going deeper and deeper [into the role]. It was an incredible burden [for him]."
On September 11th, Gerard Butler and his Coriolanus co-star Jessica Chastain attend the Killer Joe party at the Toronto International Film Festival at vitaminwater Rooftop in Toronto, Canada. The two actors attended the CAA - and vitaminwater-sponsored bash, which celebrated Emile Hirsch‘s new comedy-drama. The next day, Gerard and Jessica promoted Coriolanus at a press conference during the film festival. The two were joined by co-star Ralph Fiennes and Brian Cox.

In Malibu

Gerard Butler catches some rays on a balcony of a beach house on Saturday (September 3) in Malibu, Calif. He showed off his shirtless torso as he took in the beach views. He picked up a large pizza pie with a friend on Sunday (September 4) in Malibu, Calif. after spending the day on the beach!

Roger Dubuis

Gerard Butler has signed on as the new brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis. The 300 star recently took a tour of the brand's factory in Geneva and instantly fell in love with the company's craftsmanship and its luxury, one of a kind timepieces. He says, "(I was) blown away. Watch making is just like the cinema, it hides a precise mechanism which must then generate emotion. The world of Roger Dubuis, the arrival of its collections, like spaces of freedom, perfectly matches my principles." Company CEO Georges Kern says, "Gerard's fire and powerful image resonate perfectly with the firm's watches."


Computer hackers have made Gerard Butler their latest target by posting the details of the actor’s private Gmail account on the Internet. Hollywood Leaks, claiming to be an offshoot of the cyber hacking group Anonymous - which pirated credit card details from Sony, paralyzing its Playstation network, bears a grudge against Hollywood. The 41-year-old Scottish actor’s Google mail account details were revealed along with private email addresses, phone numbers of stars including Miley Cyrus and Twilight star Ashley Greene.

Partying in Malibu

On Saturday (August 27) Gerard Butler was spotted taking a stroll with his little pug pup Lolita in Malibu, Calif. During their walk, the 41-year-old Scottish actor stopped off at a Starbucks for a jolt of caffeine. Life & Style, claims that Gerard Butler met with newly added "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" blonde Brandi Glanville later this day. "They were at a private beach party in Malibu. The drinks were flowing, and one thing led to another," a spy tells Life & Style. "Next thing you know, they're dancing together to some music, hands started getting frisky, and it was a full-on make-out!" And they apparently weren't shy about it, until there was the possibility of proof. "Everyone saw it," relays the source. "One girl tried to snap a photo of it on her phone, but Gerard politely asked for privacy."
The next day, Gerry was spotted at the beach, joined by his dog and chatting on his mobile phone as he strolled along the sand.