Christmas in Scotland

Gerard Butler was spotted arriving in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday (December 24). He took some time off from his new movie "Of Men and Mavericks" to make the trip, putting family before career. When he went home to Scotland for Christmas, he managed to get out of washing any dishes. "There were a couple of times when I saw people in the kitchen and I thought I could be doing a little bit more. ‘Do you know what I’ve just been through? You’re lucky I’m here. And you’re going to ask me - it’s washing up! It’s water! I can’t even see the water, any kind of foam - it’s too much, what if I fall in?’" He flew to London after his New Year holiday in Scotland to attend a special screening of his new movie Coriolanus on January 5th. Gerard Butler was seen at The Box nightclub on Friday (January 6) in London, England.


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