Brandi Glanville

Gerard Butler Admited he slept with Brandi Glanville, but forgot her name. "It was a one-afternooner, but it was fun," the Olympus Has Fallen actor, 43, told Howard Stern. "She is wild." But Glanville, 40, made it sound like it was a little longer than that when she went public that they slept together during a Jan. 24 episode of Watch What Happens Live. Glanville said they "had a little week of fun" and gave him an "11" out of ten when rating him as a lover. Butler was informed about Glanville's comments when a paparazzo confronted him as he was walking down a street and reportedly said, "Brandi Glanville says you're great in bed." "And you know what I said: 'Who's Brandi Glanville?'" Butler recalled to Stern. "Because one, I didn't know her last name and two, I didn't know she was a celebrity and I didn't know she was going to f--king tell people about it!" How did he not learn her name? "Here's the thing. You're at a beach party, you're having fun and this girl comes along," he says in his defense. "'So, what do you do?' She says, 'Doesn't matter.' We hung out. We had a little bit of fun." Once Butler figured out who she was, he called Glanville up. "I said one, 'I'm not very happy you did that because there are certain things you keep a little private.' And two, 'I'm sorry I said I didn't know who you were!'"

Suing Producers of 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler is suing the producers of "Motor City" for $5.1 million in damages, claiming he was not paid after the film was scrapped last summer. Butler is alleging breach of contract and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing in a suit filed this month in California Superior Court. Butler's salary consisted of a $4 million pay-or-play component, meaning he was guaranteed payment even if the film was never made. He was also due to receive up to $2 million in deferred compensation, according to the lawsuit.

Big Smooch

Gerry Butler screenwriter friend Paul Haggis when he planted the kiss on him at a showbiz bash in Hollywood. He and Bond film writer Haggis met at the Artists for Peace and Justice gala dinner. One onlooker said: “Gerard was in great spirits. It was a big, sloppy smooch.”

Back in Miami

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, Mel Gibson and Bradley Cooper were seen in Miami club Story Friday (February 1). They found a giant water gun at the DJ booth, and apparently took turns spraying water all over the dancing crowd! On Saturday, they met up with Halle Berry and her finance Olivier Martinez and the whole group proceeded to party the night away at VIP hotspot LIV at Fontainebleau. Gerry spent the Monday afternoon (February 4) checking out bikini-clad babes on the beach. He and a few friends went for a stroll along the shore, enjoying some downtime before he starts promoting the March 22nd movie “Olympus Has Fallen.”

New Year's resolution

Gerard Butler says his New Year resolution for 2013 is to take a spiritual and more introspective approach to life. It was a near-death experience that prompted the 43-year-old to re-evaluate his existence. Butler said: "Next year my resolution is to embark on a lot of internal, more spiritual things, and explore that side of my life." "That accident made me reassess a lot of stuff. On the positive side, it made me realise you live from moment to moment. I've had a few close calls but that was probably the closest. So now I regard life as having different chapters, and it's about enjoying each one and that's my focus for 2013."

No Longer a Womanizer

Gerard Butler says that he has given up his past womanizing ways. In the past the Scottish hunk was linked to a bevy of beauties, but now that he’s settled down with girlfriend Madalina Ghenea he is more likely to found tucked up in bed with a good book than out partying. He thinks it’s funny that his reputation is so different from the reality: ”I think I’ve had that going on for a while now. I’m not saying I don’t like to have my fun but I’m nowhere near the wild kid that I once was. Sometimes you’re sitting there, doing your thing. Maybe you’re alone in bed reading your book and thinking, ‘I wish they could see me now! The crazy f***ing womanizing Gerard Butler is in bed reading’.” Speaking on the mistakes he’s made in the past, Gerard says that when he thinks about them, he knows everything happened for a reason because he learned a lesson from each negative experience and believes it has helped him to become a better person over the years: ”I think I’ve been propelled through life from one mistake to another, I can look back and say in my philosophical mode that I needed to make those mistakes and I learnt from all of them. But overall I do think that whatever happens is supposed to happen.”

Priyanka Chopra

Gerard Butler sat down for an interview with Telemundo on Monday morning (November 26) in Miami, Fla, after a quick power nap. He recently revealed his affection for Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra. “Last year, Priyanka was here [the US] and I was going out of town to a wedding,” Gerard said. “I stay in Malibu and she was coming to party at Malibu and I couldn’t meet. I was even thinking of missing the plane and going and saying hello because I hadn’t seen her in a long time. But we are in touch all the time.” “I am still single because I am waiting for Priyanka Chopra,” he jokingly added.

Ruined Birthday

The Indian embassy in Dubai turned down his plans to spend his birthday in India. :I am very disorganized. So at the last minute here in Dubai, I decided I wanted to go to India for my birthday. But I went to the embassy here today [Wednesday]. They were excited to see me, but they said ‘no’ and that it would take seven days. So this year, I will go to Scotland and spend time with my family," Gerard shared.


Gerard Butler left the heavy lifting to his female assistant as he jetted to Dubai in November 2012. He was invited by famous Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis for the boutique launch at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). He walked the red carpet with the Bollywood actress Kajol. More than 300 guests attended the event in Dubai on November 7th, 2012.


Gerard Butler seems to be back in the news as of late, as today we’re learning he will be staring in the upcoming adaptation of Dynamo: Defending the Honour of Kiev from Andy Dougan. Dynamo: Defending the Honour of Kiev is based on the true story of “the landmark soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian soccer team and their Nazi captors during World War II.” Gerard Butler will play Nikolai Trusevich who was the inspiration and goalie of the team. Production for DYNAMO: DEFENDING THE HONOUR OF KIEV is supposed to start sometime next year in Europe.

New York

Gerard Butler was spotted walking through New York City’s West Village neighborhood on a sunny Monday (October 1). The 42-year-old actor took advantage of the gorgeous Fall weather and stopped at a cafe, where he chose to dine outside. He took his bicycle out for a spin around the Soho neighborhood of New York City on Friday (October 5). Gerard, who was joined by a pal, rode around town until he decided to stop at a cafe for a pick-me-up. They were dressed remarkably similarly in blue jeans, pale shirt, trainers and sunglasses as they took off for a spin around the city. He attended the premiere of the new film Seven Psychopaths on Wednesday (October 10) at Clearview Chelsea Cinemas in New York City.

Romanian model

Scottish movie star Gerard Butler has found love with Romanian model/actress Madalina Ghenea, according to a report. They men when she was hired to help Butler promote a new razor for the Dubai-based Super Max brand this spring, reported Contactmusic. The couple was first linked in May, but Ghenea denied the claims at the time, saying "Gerard is a friend of mine. We are friends and nothing more."

'Motor City' Shuts Down Production

Gerard Butler's upcoming film Motor City has shut down production before filming even started on the flick. “Faced with the realities of a very short post-production schedule and complicated visual and special effects, the producers have decided to push back production on Albert Hughes’ Motor City,” a spokesperson for the film told Deadline. “The circumstances surrounding this project made it impossible to meet the firm March 31st delivery date without compromising the quality of the film.” Motor City had been in pre-production before the producers sent the crew packing after learning that Warner Bros. release date for the film would allow only 12 weeks of post-production, which was not feasible. The producers reportedly hope to go forward with the film in the future.

Olympus Has Fallen

Gerard Butler started filming Olympus Has Fallen in Shreveport, LA on July 9 & 10. Butler plays an ex-Secret Service agent fighting to defend the White House from terrorists in the film.

Soccer Aid for UNICEF

Gerard Butler shows off his sports skills as he participates in the celebrity Soccer Aid football match for UNICEF on Sunday (May 27) held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England. The event, which featured Hollywood stars and soccer legends, was a huge success as it helped raise $6.46 million for the charity. Despite the good match, there were some intense moments during the game as both Will Ferrell and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay were injured during the match and taken off the field.

Cannes Weekend

Gerard Butler was spotted partaking in numerous festivities at the Cannes Film Festival. He got all dressed up in a tux and bow tie on Friday evening (May 18) to attend the Haiti Carnival festival with other A-listers including, Sean Penn and Jada Pinkett Smith. While inside the Armani presented event, which benefited J/P HRO Artists for Peace and Justice & Happy Hearts Fund, he was spotted laughing and chatting it up with friends, while giving a go at a traditional Haitian music instrument. Gerard was brought onstage by filmmaker Paul Haggis, who included tea with the actor as part of a big prize - a Golden Globe weekend pass. The final bidder ended up buying the impressive package for more than $125,000, but insisted that he didn't want Gerard as part of the prize. The star laughed off the snub, and says it was all in good fun. The auction raised more than $2million for the relief cause in the earthquake-torn country. The Hollywood star attended the Hollywood Domino charity event, where guests were treated to champagne aboard a luxury yacht. However, Gerard skipped the bubbles for fizzy water from the drink-making machine, which proved a hit with the ladies. Gerard was spotted "offering one lady a sip from his plastic cup" - and was seen leaving with her a couple of hours later. He ended Cannes with a 'wild' party. The black tie affair was held at a private mansion and attracted a crowd of stars including Zac Efron, Karolina Kurková and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld.


On April 22, 2012 Gerard Butler was in the house for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. He sat court side and looked to be enjoying the Lakers cheerleaders as they pranced around during a timeout.


Gerard Butler may be starring in another action thriller! The 42-year-old Scottish stud is in talks to star in Manhunt, set to begin production at the end of the year, Deadline reports. Synopsis: “A team of FBI agents [are] sent to the North Carolina wilderness to chase the FBI’s most wanted man, domestic terrorist and survivalist James Tollan, who has eluded arrest with the support of the local population while attacking the federal government. They enroll the help of a reluctant bear hunter to capture the killer. But once the team enters the woods, the hunters become the hunted as Tollan will stop at nothing to survive and defend his territory.”

Having fun

On April 9th, 2012, Gerry attended the screening and after-party for Darling Companion held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. On April 11th, 2012, Gerry grabbed lunch with a guy friend in New York city. Last weekend, the 42-year-old Scottish actor took the stage at the NYC hotspot, The Darby. He belted out “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. He attended the 2012 Coachella Music Festival GenArt MUSE party powered by Ciroc to benefit The Art of Elysium on Friday night (April 13) in Indio, Calif. Later that night, the 42-year-old Scottish actor made his way behind the DJ booth and chatted it up with the musicians! Earlier in the evening, Gerard was spotted enjoying The Black Keys‘ performance at the outdoor music festival. The following night, he attended the Radiohead concert and later hit the Neon Carnival, which celebs such as Kellan Lutz, Emile Hirsch, Dylan McDermott, and Chris Masterson also came out for.