No Longer a Womanizer

Gerard Butler says that he has given up his past womanizing ways. In the past the Scottish hunk was linked to a bevy of beauties, but now that he’s settled down with girlfriend Madalina Ghenea he is more likely to found tucked up in bed with a good book than out partying. He thinks it’s funny that his reputation is so different from the reality: ”I think I’ve had that going on for a while now. I’m not saying I don’t like to have my fun but I’m nowhere near the wild kid that I once was. Sometimes you’re sitting there, doing your thing. Maybe you’re alone in bed reading your book and thinking, ‘I wish they could see me now! The crazy f***ing womanizing Gerard Butler is in bed reading’.” Speaking on the mistakes he’s made in the past, Gerard says that when he thinks about them, he knows everything happened for a reason because he learned a lesson from each negative experience and believes it has helped him to become a better person over the years: ”I think I’ve been propelled through life from one mistake to another, I can look back and say in my philosophical mode that I needed to make those mistakes and I learnt from all of them. But overall I do think that whatever happens is supposed to happen.”


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