Gerry in a Hospital?

According to Serbian site Gerard Butler was admitted in a hospital this Monday.

Here's what the site says:

Gerard Butler was admitted in the private clinic "Ristic" in Belgrade Monday evening. "Press" learned that the actor who is in the Serbian capital for two weeks for the filming of Coriolanus, was taken to the clinic by the producers of the film. He was immediately admitted by the doctor on duty and after a thorough examination was found out that he had very high blood pressure.
"The actor came to the clinic around 6pm and after being examined and had a blood test, had blood transfusion. The doctors found out the elevated blood pressure was due to the consumption of large quantities of food and drinks, which led to mild poisoning, because he is not used to our kitchen. He was very tired because during the last few days, along with the shooting of the movie, he enjoy the charm of the Belgrade nightlife. Butler made a good impression on the clinic staff and did not behave like a star. After he felt better, he was taken to his apartment in hotel "Hyatt" and he continued shooting the next day, " a spokesman of "Press" said. The "Ristic"'s department of Public Relations refused to comment. Sanya Mardanov, head of the department neither confirmed nor denied whether or not Butler was admitted by them.
"The position of our institution is clear - we respect the privacy of all our patients, no matter if they are ordinary citizens or famous celebrities," Sanya Mardanov said.

Gerard Butler in Serbia

Gerard Butler in Serbia


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