The Bounty Hunter premiere

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler put on a show at the Leicester Square, London, as they wrapped their arms around each other at the Bounty Hunter premiere.

The 41-year-old actress flaunted her fabulous legs in a silver Valentino mini and strappy Jimmy Choo heels, but wisely kept on her Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket.

The couple have been romantically linked since filming the comedy last summer and did little to dispel the rumours as they embraced each other on the red carpet.
Speaking about their chemistry, Scots star Butler said: "We have a blast together and she appreciates that Celtic manner. There's nothing diva-ish about her, she's very down to earth, very sure of herself and who she is, and I'm like a little kid, who doesn't take myself too seriously. We had a fun script and a great director, so we just had to dive in and it was a blast."

Aniston was equally appreciative: "I love my Gerry. We just lucked out - director fantastic, Gerry fantastic, our crew, New York - you just can't go wrong."

"I literally became a member of her family," Gerard Butler told People magazine. Don’t confuse that closeness for something romantic. "I went down for her birthday in Mexico," Butler said. "Of course, everyone takes that as something else, but we are very good friends."

They were staying at St. Martin’s Lane Hotel.

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston


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