Fun and Fearless Males of 2010

Gerry attended the celebration of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun and Fearless Males of 2010 at New York City’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Monday (March 1).

Gerard Butler - CosmopolitanHere's what Cosmo says about Gerry:
"Pick up any tabloid and you’re bound to read gossip about the scores of women Gerard Butler is supposedly dating. Of course, it’s just that: totally unfounded gossip. In reality, the talented Scottish actor is way too busy whipping out film after film. And looking at all his movies, it’s obvious that he’s not just gorgeous, but he’s also incredibly versatile. He’s played a warrior in 300, a womanizer in The Ugly Truth, and a tormented widower in Law Abiding Citizen (he produced it too!). In March, he stars as a hired agent who’s chasing his ex in The Bounty Hunter and lends his luscious voice to the animated flick How to Train Your Dragon."

And the Cosmo's Fund and Fearless Males are:
1. Kellan Lutz
2. Paul Wesley
3. Gerard Butler
4. Ed Westwick
5. Ne-Yo
6. Chris O'Donnel
7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
8. Dr. Oz
9. Nathan Fillion
10. Terrell Owens
11. Stephen Moyer
12. Josh Schwartz
13. Seann William Scott


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