Gerard Butler has revealed the names of women who have dumped him.

The actor first screamed out "Carol-Ann Nicole Clinton - b**ch!", when comedian Jimmy Kimmel on late-night show asked the star if he had ever been dumped. The girl had apparently ditched the '300' star, during his teenage years.

"She flirted outrageously with me, always pretending that we were boyfriend/girlfriend, until I made my huge attraction to her clear - at which point she said, "I'm not the slightest bit interested," and it killed me".

However it wasn't the only name Butler revealed. He added: "This girl, Julie Morrison, was the one you'd end up round the back of the bike sheds with. I’ll never forget her walking up the stairs, and I said something to her and then I gave her a long, lingering look, and she looked at me and gave me these come-to-bed eyes."
Caroline McLaughlin and Tracy Turner were the other names he disclosed.

The next day, Gerry called his old classmate Julie Morrison to apologize. Julie was stunned after hearing what Butler had said during the interview but that this was just the type of cheeky remark she would expect from him.


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